Age Calculator

If you want to figure out somebody else's age base on their birthday, this Age Calculator can easily compute the years, months and days from birth date. Well, the application is not just limited to this one, you can also check on manufacturing date and see how old is the product, and anything you need to validate the age.

Age Calculator

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Base on the birthdate and end date, you are now:

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How to Use The Age Calculator

To use the age calculator properly, you need to add a birthdate and then the end date. Click the compute button and the result of computation will be displayed right away with the number of years, months, and days. Here's a step by step guide to use this age calculator.

  • 1. What is required here is you need to have the birthdate. You can manually type it on Birth Date input field or click the 📅 icon to and pick a date.
  • 2. This is the same process on adding the End Date. This field could be a date today or a future date.
  • 3. Given you have already added the birthdate and end date, click on the Compute button. It shall give you the computations of age - years, months and days.

You can do this all over again by just changing date values, a Clear button shall remove all dates from date fields.