Percent Off Calculator

Items on malls or online stores often has discount sales or percent off the original price. This is a very common promotional strategy for years now and it really works to sell lots of items. As a consumer, if you want to figure out the new discounted price base on the original price and how much you can save, use this Percent Off Calculator.

Percent Off Calculator

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How to Use The Percent Off Calculator

The calculator form is pretty straightforward. You can just enter the original price of an item or product. Enter as well the discount or percent off and the computation will be displayed at the bottom of the form.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the Percent Off Calculator:

  • 1. Enter the original price or number. This is regardless of currency (dollar, pound, yen, etc.) or any units being used. It doesn't matter because this is just the original amount or number.
  • 2. Enter the discount or percent off. Do not include the % sign. If you mean to add 13%, just enter 13 on this field.
  • 3. Click on the Calculate button to get the New Price and Savings value.

You can change values on Original Price and Percent Off and do the same procedure to calculate other percent off values to the the new discounted price and saved amount.

Percent Off Formula

This is the formula on how you can derive the discount price based on original price and percent off:

Discounted Price = Percent Off100✖️ Original Price

This is the formula on how much you have saved based on the derived discounted price and given original price.

Savings = Original Price ➖ Discounted Price

Percent Off Calculator Tutorial

In addition to the written instructions and formula, here's a screencast tutorial on this calculator. The calculator on the video is the same as from above.

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