Remainder Calculator

Use this remainder calculator if you want to figure out the quotient and remainder of a given dividend and divisor. Say you want to divide 25 (dividend) by 7 (divisor), the answer would be 3.57 (quotient). However, in long division, the quotient would be 3 with the remainder of 4. Use this calculator if you want to get the quotient and remainder when you perform any divisions of integer numbers.

Remainder Calculator

How to Use The Remainder Calculator

The remainder calculator is written on this format: dividend ÷ devisor = quotient r remainder. The R letter stands for remainder value.

Just like doing usual division, you just need to enter the dividend on first input field before the divide ➗ sign the followed by the divisor on the second input field. By clicking the Calculate button, the Quotient after the equals sign will be displayed followed by the remainder, if there's any.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the Remainder Calculator:

  • 1. Enter the dividend, it is the first input field. So for example, you want to to divide 25 by 7, enter 25 on this field.
  • 2. Enter the divisor on the second input field right after the divide sign. Following the example on step 1, enter 7 on this field.
  • 3. Click on the Calculate button to get the Quotient and Remainder if there's any result for the calculation. Otherwise, the remainder stays empty.

You can change values on Divisor and Dividend and do the same procedure to calculate other quotient and remainder values.

Remainder Calculator Tutorial

Though the exact process is not being displayed in here, things are setup properly behind the scenes which derives the precise results. A written instruction above discussed about the step by step usage of this calculator. However, you can also watch this screencast for more clarity.

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