Round Off Calculator

If you want to round off decimal numbers into nearest 2 decimal places or any predefined decimal places, you can use this round off calculator to quickly do that. Say you want to round off 3.33333 into the nearest 2 decimal places, that would be 3.33. Use the calculator below to round off any fraction numbers into your desired decimal range.

Round Off Calculator

Round off into decimal places.

Answer: 3.33.

How to Use The Round Off Calculator

So how do you actually round off fraction or decimal numbers into desired decimal places? This is how it works. If the number next to the last decimal place is greater than 5, then add 1 to last decimal place, if it's less than 5, the number stays as is.

Say we have 12.3456789 and we want to round off to 1, 2 and 3 decimal places respectively. These would be the answers:

    1 decimal place: 12.3
    2 decimal places: 12.35
    3 decimal places: 12.346

On the first example, since we want to round off to only 1 decimal place and the number next to 12.3 is 4 (which is less than 5), then we don't need to carry over 1 to the last decimal place (which is 3).

On the second example, the number next to the last decimal place is 5, so we carry over 1 to the last decimal number. So instead of 12.34, since the next number after the last decimal place is 5, we added 1 and the result now is 12.35. This is the same case on the last example.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the round off calculator:

  • 1. Enter the decimal number on the first input after "Round off...".
  • 2. Enter the desired decimal places on the second input field as well.
  • 3. Click on the Calculate button to get the Round Off value.

You can change values on Decimal Numbers and Decimal Places and do the same procedure to calculate other values.

Round Off Calculator Tutorial

The calculator form requires only two inputs (a decimal number and a decimal place) and quite easy to use, a writted instructions also is given above. Nonetheless, if you prefer watch a screencast tutorial, check out this video.

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