Stock Dividend Calculator

The Stock Dividend Calculator helps you compute your dividend income from stocks on your investment portfolio. There are companies that pays money on their investors through stock dividends, that is the case if you bought a stock before the Ex-Date. Using this calculator, you can quickly calculate your profit from stock dividends.

💵 Stock Dividend Calculator
Percentage Gain
Dividend Revenue

How to Use the Stock Dividend Calculator

The sole purpose of this 💵 Stock Dividend Calculator is for you to effeciently calculate your possible profit from stock dividend if you buy a stock on a target price. To do that, you just need to enter some inputs on the editable input fields with corresponding labels. The disabled inputs will just be populated based on the results of the calculations.

  1. Step 1

    The calculator only needs three inputs so let's start with the Price Per Share input field. Enter the previously traded price of the stock in this field. The price may fluctuate but just enter your target price when you want to buy the stock in case you are still planning to buy.

  2. Step 2

    The next step is enter the Dividend Per Share of the stock. This is the dividend amount that the company has disclosed to it's investor through the trading/investing platforms. After entering these values (Price Per Share and Dividend Per Share), a Percentage Gain will automatically be calculated. This is your guaranteed percentage profit from dividends.

  3. Step 3

    The next step is to enter a value on the Your Total Shares input field. This is where you enter the total number of the shares you want to buy or you already have on your portfolio.

  4. Step 4

    The calculator will then automatically populate the Current Share Value which is the market value of your total shares, Dividend Revenue which is your profit from dividends and Current Share Value + Dividend which displays your total money value including the profit from dividends.

Stock Dividend Calculator Inputs and Outputs

The Stock Dividend Calculator has a few inputs and outputs which would be useful if it's being mentioned one by one just so it's a little more comprehensible.

Price Per Share

The price per share is the market value of a stock's share based on the latest traded value. If you bought or just planning to buy a dividend-paying stock, this is the field where you need to enter it's value per share.

Dividend Per Share

The dividend-paying stocks usually pays investors though cash dividend per share. Cash dividends came from the company revenue that is distributed to all it's entitled investors. This could be $0.5, even $1 per share or more.

Percentage Gain

Based on the price per share and dividend per share, a good investor calculates first the percentage gain before buying a stock, if not already. The percentage gain is the guaranteed cash dividend you will receive from buying stock on it's latest share value.

Your Total Shares

The amount of cash dividend you will gain really puts much weight on your total investment or number of shares you have on your portfolio. Even if the company pays only a cash dividend of $0.2 per share but you have 10,000 shares, that's $2,000 guaranteed cash for you.

Current Share Value

The Current Share Value field on the Stock Dividend Calculator above mainly is just a reflection of the stock's recently traded price per share and your total shares. This doesn't matter if you bought a stock 10 years ago, this only reflects the actual latest value of your shares.

Dividend Revenue

The Dividend Revenue field displays the actual total computation of the cash divided you will receive base on all of your inputs in the calculator. Below it also shows the Current Share Value + Dividend which will be your total portfolio balance after the payment of your dividend.

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