Time to Decimal Hours Calculator

If you want to convert 100 minutes to decimal hours, this Time to Decimal Hours Calculator is created for that purpose. With this, you can convert hours and minutes into decimal hours. Most online time trackers only use hours and minutes to track time spent on project, you can add those time and derive just an equivalent hours.

Time to Decimal Hours Calculator

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How to Use The Time to Decimal Hours Calculator

There are times when you are just given a format where you have spend on project 12 hours and 45 minutes (12:45 worked hours). In usual cases, to get paid for that time of work, you need to convert it in a decimal hour for it to be calculated based on your hourly rate. That's where you can easily do it using this calculator.

To use the calculator, just enter the hours on Hours input field and minutes of couse, on Minutes input field. However, the hours input field is not required. You can use even just the minutes input. By clicking the Calculate button, an equivalent Decimal Hours will be displayed on the output field.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use it:

  • 1. Enter the hour/s (example: 1, 7, 74) on Hours Hours input field.
  • 2. Do the same thing on corresponding Minutes input field. However, you can add minutes that exceeds 59 value. You can add values like 70, 120 or 360 minutes, it will be converted to hours accordingly.
  • 3. Click on the Calculate button to get the Decimal Hours value.

You can change values on Hours and Minutes and do the same procedure to calculate other values.

Time to Decimal Hours Conversion

Using the time to decimal calculator above, we have derived this calculations from 11:01 up to 11:60, well it should just stop at 11:59 because 11:60 is already 12. Nonetheless, here's the time from 1 minute to 60 minutes and it's corresponding decimal values from the calculator.


Time to Decimal Calculator Tutorial

In case you prefer to watch an instructional video how to use this calculator rather than reading it, you can watch this one. Let us know your thoughts or is there anything you want to improve, do reach out to us.