Word Count Calculator

This Word Count Calculator is built for one purpose only, to count the words entered on the textarea field. When doing some write-ups most commonly on school projects, there are set minimum word count you need to reach for your essay or refection paper. Use this calculator to give you number of words present in your writings.

Word Count Calculator

Answer: There is 0 word on the textarea above.

How to Use The Word Count Calculator

This is only a humble word counter, nothing much fancy around this calculator. It simply counts the number of words and that is pretty much it.

The logic behind the computation is just slicing the content by whitespaces and treating those as words regardless of spelling errors, grammar or any unintentional written words.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the Word Count Calculator:

  • 1. Enter the text content on the blank textarea field where you want to count the words from.
  • 2. There is no button to be clicked or anything that triggers the counting of words. By the time you enter or paste the content, the Answer below the textarea is auto-updated.

The use of this calculator is as simple as it gets. You can change the content on the textarea and result below is updated automatically when there are changes.