Word Frequency Calculator

Use this Word Frequency Calculator to check how many times a search text or words appear in the text content. Say you have an article or essay and you want to figure out the frequency of the word 'beautiful' on the content, just enter the content on this calculator and do a quick search for that word.

Word Frequency Calculator

Answer: There is 0 matches of search text '' on the textarea above.

How to Use The Word Frequency Calculator

The sole use of this calculator is just to count how many times a phrase or word appear on the text content. You just need to enter or paste the content on the textarea on the calculator form, then do a quick search on the searchbar.

The logic behind this application is to read the entire content placed on the textarea, though the application just reads and there's no way it is saving those info so your content is never saved on this site.

Then, it runs a regular expression for the search text agains the entire entered content, compute the results and display the search results as Answer at the bottom of the form.

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the Word Frequency Calculator:

  • 1. Enter or paste a text content on the wide textarea field on the calculator. This could be anything from article, esssay or just a simple paragraph but even long write-ups. The calculator only reads the entire content for it to find the search match.
  • 2. On the search input, enter the search phrase or word you want to look for. By simply entering or deleting a letter, it will automatically do a search command.
  • 3. When you do a search, the textarea is temporarily uneditable. When you want to do changes on the content, just click on the Edit Content button and it will be editable again.

You can change search text and it will automatically trigger a search, given that you have provided a content to search from. That's pretty much how to use and the purpose of the word frequency calculator.