Stock Profit Calculator

The Stock Profit Calculator is used to compute your profits or losses from the stocks you have invested in. So, if you have bought stocks from online stocks trading/investing platforms, this information is directly reflected on your portfolio. However, if you are here because you don't want to open your account or you are just planning to buy some stocks and calculate a potential profit, you are in the right calculator.

💵 Stock Profit Calculator
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How to Use the Stock Profit Calculator

There are three required inputs in the Stock Profit Calculator namely: Number of Shares, Average Price Per Share and Current Price Per Share. These are required inputs you need to enter values for the calculator to work properly.

  1. Step 1

    You can see the first set of inputs in the calculator is grouped by the title Total Investment. On the Number of Shares input field, enter the total number of shares you have bought or you are planning to buy.

  2. Step 2

    The next step is to enter the Average Price Per Share which is the average price of all your purchases at different stock prices. Well, if you have only bought stock once, that price is also called as your average price per share. Note that there is transaction fee on buying/selling stocks which increases a bit your average price per share.

  3. Step 3

    After you have completed the two inputs - Number of Shares and Average Price Per Share, your Total Investment will automatically be computed. The next step then is to proceed to the next group of inputs entitled Stock Profit. This is where you enter the Current Price Per Share which implies the latest value of the stock.

  4. Step 4

    When you have entered values on all three required inputs, that's the time you'll get the purpose of this calculator, to give you the Percentage Profit or Loss, Actual Profit and Current Stock Value.

Stock Profit Calculator Inputs and Outputs

Stock Profit Calculator

When you buy or sell a stock, there's this buying commission or selling commission along with all other fees. The totality of these fees and charges could vary depending on your stock trading/investing platform. It usually ranges from 1% to 5%. These fees are carried over to your stock purchase which affects your average price per share.

That's the explanation why when you bought a stock at 2.50 price per share, the one reflected on your portfolio is 2.52 per share, or something near to that value. It is because of the transaction fees. While your money investment remains the same exact amount as you buy the stock, the one being adjusted is your average price per share.

The Stock Profit Calculator has three required inputs and four outputs. So, let's take a look them a little bit closer.


Number of Shares

This represents the total number of shares you have on your portfolio or you are still planning to buy. For example, you want to buy 1,000 shares of Tesla, this is where you enter that value. It is a required input because that's the basis for all other calculations to take place.


Average Price Per Share

This is the market value of the stock's share. When you are averaging down or buying more share of the stock at different prices, you'll have the average price per share reflected on your portfolio or based on your prior calculation. Even if you have only bought once, that's still your average price per share.

Your Total Investment

This is an output field where it shows your total investment if you have entered a Number of Shares and Average Price Per Share. Omitting one of these two required inputs will result to a zero value. This field reflects the amount of money that you have invested.


Current Price Per Share

The prices of the active stocks move almost every single trading day, the value to be entered in current price per share is the latest traded price of the stock. On the other hand, you could assume here that this is your target take profit price then why not enter your TP value here.

Percentage Profit

This field displays the essential output of this calculator which determines either you are at loss or gain on the current stock price. It is being displayed on percentage equivalent that turns green if there's percentage increase or red if at percentage decrease.

Actual Profit

This shows the monetary value of your profit or loss. When you have entered the number of shares and stock price, that's where we got your total investment. Base on your total investment, we'll calculate it against your percentage profit. The Current Stock Value shows the value of stock which includes your profit.

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