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The purpose of this Online Money Counter is to help you quickly calculate the total value of your paper money or banknotes, and coins. For someone saving money on a piggy bank through a certain period of time or someone who's harvesting bills and coins on vending machine business, this tool will certainly be of use to you.

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How to use the Online Money Counter

I have built this calculator to deliver usability as well as enough customization. I just want to mention that although you can select a currency, this is just a representation.

There's no currency exchange going on here so even if currency is set to USD but you are dealing with CAD, there's no impact to the result because this is just a label, what you are after are the amount or the numbers. Although, adding multiple currencies do reflect good visuals.

In case where the amount of banknote or coin is not in the defaults, you can manually add them, even delete them. So, this is a step by step guide to the usage of the online money counter:

  1. Step 1

    Let's start by choosing a currency in the Select Currency field. In case where your currency is not on the list, it's alright. As I've mentioned above, it is just a label, and it does not affect the actual number or value. Just an example, let's pick USD - United States.

  2. Step 2

    The next step is banknotes section, enter the number of bills you have on the corresponding input field. Say you have 7 pieces of $100. Enter 7 in the $ 100 input field. Do the same with your other banknotes.

  3. Step 3

    Do the same thing on the Coins section. Enter the pieces of coins inside the corresponding input field. Say you have 27 pieces of quarter, enter 27 in the input field marked with Quarter ⇢ 0.25 ¢.

  4. Step 4

    To get the subtotals on each money, number of notes and coins, and the total money value, just click on the Calculate button. You can reset the fields as well by clicking on the Clear button. The result will be displayed at the bottom part of the calculator. That's it!

Say you have entered the banknotes and coins you have, however, there are bills and/or coins that are not on the calculator. You can add them manually by clicking on the Add coins button for inserting additional coins and add notes for additional bills. When you click it, a modal will appear, then just enter the amount and click the + Add Money button.

When you have added a custom money bill or coin that's not on the defaults, you can delete it by clicking the red close button beside it's label.

The results will be displayed at the bottom part of the calculator labeled with 🧾 Results. It displays the bank notes value, coins value and total money value.

What is a banknote?

A banknote is also referred to as a "bill" or a "note", but commonly called as paper money. It comes with higher face value like 1,000, 500 or 100. Only the government's central bank of your country can generate or print these banknotes. A special type of paper is being used to create these money, and with the evolution of time, a polymer type of material is now being circulated to replace these older notes.

What is a coin?

While a banknote is made of paper or polymer which is a light material, of high face value and with rectangular orientation, a coin on the other hand, is made of a little heavier material, a little lower value and flat-circle like money. It has two sides, the head which shows the engraved image of a country's president or hero, and the tail which commonly has texts and engraved art or symbols. Common values of coins include 10, 5, 1 and 25¢.